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Opal Grace Salon

Beaded Row Hair Extensions

Service Includes:

  • Non chip beads made specifically for beaded rows.

  • The highest quality thread in many colors to give you the best color match.

  • Application of Beaded Row extensions.

  • Blending trim.

  • Flat iron, curl or diffuse for curly hair.

Which Beaded Rows Extensions service is for me?

  1. 1 row- Adding thickness with no length.

  2. 2 rows- Adding length to very thin hair.

  3. 2 1/2 rows.- Adding length to average hair.

  4. 3 rows.-Adding length to very short hair.

Other information:

  • Service takes 1-3 hours depending on the amount of rows we install.

  • Service will last up to 8-12 weeks when taken care of properly.

  •  Handtied wefts can be installed single, doubled or tripled

  • Prices for extensions are separate from service

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