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Opal Grace Salon


  • Keep it clean.

  • Keep it brushed.

  • Keep it dry.


  • Go to bed with wet hair. It can get matted.

  • Use chemicals on your extensions.

  • Use drugstore products.

  • Let your hair or extensions get matted, knotted or tangled.

  • Remove your own extensions. I may not be able to reuse them.

  • flip your head upside down to brush.

When brushing, always use:

  • Your Wet Brush for mid shaft to ends.

  • Hair oil to coat the hair to avoid any snagging every time you brush.

  • Your natural/boars brush (no plastic teeth) to brush your roots.

  • Curly girls, use your fingers to separate all extensions. Brush fully before shampooing.

When cleaning, always:

  1. Use a shower filter. It removes all the minerals and build up from collecting in the hair. 

  2. Shampoo gently but fully only at the root area using a great quality non drying shampoo purchased from Chrissy.

  3. Condition your mid shaft & ends only.

When drying:

  1. Use a Turbie Towel or a 100% cotton white t-shirt to squeeze dry & soak up 90% of the moisture.

  2. Add your heat protection & leave in conditioner. Use warm setting on dryer and rough dry 90% of the way before brushing dry.

  3. If you get a professional blow out, let them know to be gentle & check for loose extensions before leaving.

Before Bed:

  • Braid your hair before bed & use a satin pillowcase to keep your hair from getting roughed up.


When going to the beach:

  • If going to the beach, wear a swim cap.  Otherwise, soak all of your hair with clean water mixed with conditioner so the salt or chlorine cannot get into the hair. Rinse frequently to remove salt or chlorine & re add water with conditioner. Do not get conditioner on the attachment points. Bring a gallon of water if you are not near any fresh water. Wear soft braids to keep hair from tangling in the water. Use a swim cap. Shampoo & condition after swimming. Purchase ahead of time products made for your hair & going into the type of water you chose.

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